Packing Tips for furniture shipping

Packing Tips for furniture shipping

Using Pathmark’s online LTL quoting system to get the lowest rates on furniture shipping is easy. Now comes the tough part, packaging your furniture to avoid damage claims.

Pathmark has several LTL carriers to choose from, and we have found that shipping furniture as LTL freight is the most efficient way of shipping furniture. When shipping furniture with an LTL freight carrier, it is important to understand that LTL carriers work on a hub and spoke model, which means your freight will be offloaded and transferred to different trucks throughout the shipping process. Now that you understand how this process works, it is important to pack your furniture to prevent damage. First you will want to select the proper pallet to ship your furniture.

Pallets must be sturdy enough to support the weight of your furniture, and use a pallet with a four-way forklift entry to improve handling, which reduces the chances of freight damage. The furniture should not overhang on the pallet. To avoid damages on furniture, you should use new boxes, strong enough to be able to stack. You will want to protect your furniture from damages by using dunnage to fill in voids to protect from shifting.

Now it’s time to secure the shipment to the pallet. You will want to use corner edge board to improve stacking strength, as well as protecting the corners. Use bands to secure the furniture to the pallet, and stretch wrap the furniture starting at the bottom of the pallet, and work your way up. Keep in mind that stretch wrap is used to stabilize the furniture for shipping and not to secure it to the pallet.

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