About Pathmark

Pathmark Transportation is a growing Asset Light logistics provider and brokerage company. We are a $100MM+, privately held, family run company that has been offering customized transportation and logistics solutions for over 30 years. We service some of the best-known brands in the US and have a record of providing outstanding services and solutions.


Why Choose Pathmark

We have over 100+ years of experience among the Leadership Team. We pride ourselves on having a very lean management structure that facilitates a team / family work environment and allows open communication as far up as the Owner. Our corporate culture allows for free communication between employees and management while putting trust into the hands of the management team to uphold the morals and goals of the owner. We thrive through lasting relationships with our customers and partners. Together, we will create unique and dependable logistics solutions.



Wes Kraker, CEO
Roger Gellis, President of Logistics
Brad Hartman, Vice President of Logistics
Lyno Hul, General Manager of Brokerage
Tyler Pounders, Vice President of Sales Brokerage
David Wetmore, Vice President of Business Development, Logistics


At Pathmark Transportation, we identify as an Asset Light logistics provider because our operations are divided into 2 primary business segments: BROKERAGE SERVICES and LOGISTICS SOLUTIONS.