We operate as a third-party logistics company, handling over-the-road truckload shipments on vans, reefers, and flatbeds. We are proud to be a multi-dimensional transportation company with a vast pool of resources and experience, used to provide our customers with the quality service that they deserve.


We understand logistics – it is what we do. We come prepared to handle your truckload traffic and specialize in time critical shipments, so no matter whether your shipments are erratic “hot” loads or consistent truckload movements, you can always count on our expert service.



We pride ourselves on our ability to specialize in the successful movement of freight requiring dry vans, controlled temperature vans, flatbeds, and containers. The operational personnel of Pathmark Transportation possesses backgrounds of experience in the proper use of each specific type of equipment, to provide the proper transportation, control, and maximum utilization.


Pathmark Transportation is purely a logistics management company meaning that while we do not own any equipment, we have the ability to focus primarily on delivering quality service to our customers. We take our service delivery very seriously because we know and understand that our reputation is on the line, with each and every shipment that we haul.


Many “brokers” are merely carriers offering out the freight that they cannot handle on their own equipment, often sacrificing quality for a quick dollar. Operationally, our services include scheduling pickup and delivery appointments, en-route tracing, claims, and billing. Details of each load in transit are compiled through our advanced tracking software.


Our extensive communications system includes inbound and outbound WATTS lines, facsimile machines, and full EDI capabilities. This system, which has the ability to be tailored to suit each customer’s specific requirements, is used extensively to provide the customer with an accurate accounting of each shipment moved by our carriers 24-hours a day.


For customers with high LTL volumes, Pathmark’s pool distribution service can help lower costs, with faster transit times, and lower claims. For customers who choose to take advantage of these capabilities, our truckload and LTL expertise are integrated to provide a multi-modal solution, superior to any single transportation mode.


Your shipping department no longer has to worry about scheduling separate pickups with multiple providers. We have the ability to control and monitor shipments throughout the supply chain providing one point of contact with direct accountability.


We have developed a single source process through web-based technology that allows our customers to move National LTL shipments with full visibility, and single source billing.

  • A custom web-based dashboard to manage all of your shipments and carriers.
  • Generate quotes quickly from all of our carriers to find the best rate and transit time, every time.
  • Easy Bill of Lading generation, with built-in searchable address books and product lists, all with a click of a button.
  • Robust reporting — use our search engine to query shipping history and run reports — all downloadable, on-demand, right to Microsoft Excel®, so you can work with the data any way you like.

The best part is that many of our customers can acquire our system with no upfront costs. This simply means that our customers never pay any licensing fees, subscription fees, or support fees to use a system that revolutionizes your transportation needs.