Logistics Solutions

Final Mile Solutions

Pool Distribution helps shippers reduce their shipping costs while enhancing speed to shelf and ease of delivery. We pool together multiple shipments of your products that are to be delivered to multiple destinations within the same geographic area. Pathmark currently offers pool distribution solutions for our customers and partners in Atlanta GA, Orlando Fl, Memphis TN, Jackson MS, Dallas TX, and Houston TX.


Freight consolidation provides significant cost savings and optimum efficiencies over LTL options for store deliveries. For customers with high LTL volumes, Pathmark’s final mile solutions will help lower costs, with faster transit times, and lower claims.

Why choose Final Mile solutions?

  • Leveraging a pool distribution strategy with Pathmark’s solutions can drastically cut costs and improve efficiency.
  • Our Pool Distribution offering will provide improved services, reduce damage, and lower receiving costs vs alternative options.
  • If you are looking for an improved distribution model to reduce costs while expanding the business, pool distribution is the solution for you.